We’re really experienced…

Here we would like to present one of our clients’ growth rate. We have been providing them with Poker Platform for almost a year and the results are astonishing! For the Privacy Issues we can’t reveal all data, but our client had authorized us to reveal some numbers that present their monthly growth rate.






This client started from scratch. He had local poker club but he decided to offer additional playing options for his friends and players. He made great success within only few months only using mobile apps! 

So if you have an existing player database, you don’t need huge marketing budget to start. This is all info we can reveal to you at this stage but if you contact us we can show you more stats, so you can pretty accurately estimate your earnings potential.

We have a day by day statistical analysis for this client and we are free to present it to serious buyers. There you can see how introducing of the Rake Back affected the earnings graph and every single aspect that you can imagine, best day of the week, successful and unsuccessful promotions, etc… And a few stats more:

Avg Monthly Rake per Active Player: $ 39.89
Avg Rake per 100 hands: $ 26.32
How much from daily Deposits goes to Rake: Call us to find out… 🙂
Period: JUNE 2021 – SEPTEMBER 2022

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