Browser based version in HTML5 / Angular.js


  • Can be played from any device, desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Both landscape and portrait mode on mobile devices (starting from May 2022)
  • Multi-tabling is easy even from a mobile devices
  • No installation needed (but on iPhone, it is required to be added on a Home Screen to enable Full Screen functionality)
  • Low bandwidth consumption, suitable for Mobile Internet connection
  • Different card decks
  • Option to select table background table colors
  • Multi language interface – 8 languages available and new ones can be added within 48h
  • Works on every OS, and on most of the browsers but we recommend Chrome for Windows and Android devices and Safari for iOS and MAC.
  • Hand History replayer

Our Browser version is created in HTML5 / Angular.js which allows it to be played from ANY device including Mobile smartphones on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

The appearance (logo and colors), of course, will be modified to match your brand. The share of our HTML5 Poker version in total income is fastest growing, and it is steadily the share of the income from the Android and iOS apps in last few months.


Android Application


  • All features from HTML5
  • Real time UI rotation from Landscape to Portrait so that you can switch layout in the middle of the hand without missing the action.
  • Animated emoticons with sound and predefined text chat bubbles with voice over.
  • Automatic sorting of cards (high to low, low to high and by suits) is very useful in games with many cards like Omahas (PLO4, PLO5, PLO6 and PLO7)
  • Direct install from the website.
  • Automatic upgrades, optional and mandatory

Our Android Poker application is definitely the number one in terms of how much the players of our clients are using it.
In some countries the Android app share in monthly rake is over 80%


iOS Application


  • All from the HTML5 and Android
  • Option to be installed outside of the App Store (in case you can’t get approved by Apple). Installing from the website have more steps than Android app installation but the future updates are easy and straight forward.

Our iOS Poker application is one of the best looking ones and it works on iPhones and iPads. You can login with face recognition.


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