Poker Software Features

Our Poker Software Features


We are totally flexible with adding new features and if you manage to find something we don’t have we can quote it within 24h, along with the turnaround time.


Texas Hold’em

We have Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit options and we are covering even the smallest game rules.


Though it’s most often played in Pot Limit option we have Omaha in Limit and No Limit options in case anyone is interested in running such Omaha.

7 Cards Stud

7 cards game in it’s classic version. Though it’s is not as popular as Hold’em or even Omaha, we have built it just in case.

Sit and Go Tournaments

Very popular form of tournaments. but have in mind that in order to get one of this tournament started by itself usually there needs to be over 200 players online.


Badugi is a variant of draw poker. It is a bit similar to Lowball, as the lowest hand wins.

Run 2 Times

Run two times on cash games – if two players are all in in a hand and they both have this option enabled the remaining cards will be dealt twice, while each of the board version will be worth half of the pot.

Mix Table

Game where types of poker can be rotated, each round, and the game gets replaced from Hold’em NL to Omaha PL, for example.

Omaha 5/6/7 cards

Due to a demand from some of our clients we made new Omaha variants played with 5, 6 and even 7 cards where only and exactly 2 are used for the best hand combination.

Omaha Hi/Lo

Popural Hi Lo variant of Omaha game. In case there is a low combination ( 5 cards under 8), the pot is splited to Lo and Hi.

Satellite Structure

You can make tournaments that will sent top X players to another round of tournaments and enable players with smaller poker bankroll win an entry to a tournament with more expensive buy in.


Free entry tournaments where player can win real money prizes if he or she is good enough.

2-7 Triple Draw

A game where you get to draw (replace) cards 3 times during a hand and where the lowest hand wins.

5 Card Draw

Old Poker game usually played in Europe, with no community cards, where you hold 5 cards and can draw (replace) some or all of your cards.


Badeucey is a split pot combination of Badugi poker and 2-7 triple draw, and uses hand values similar to lowball.

Tournament Tickets

Part of the Satellite feature; players can win tournament tickets that they can use for entering other tournaments with the buy in that matches the ticket value.

Guaranteed Tournaments

The “House” can guarantee the prize pool and regardless if there is less players than expected, the prize pool is guaranteed.

Double Board mode

Available for Hold’em and Omaha games. On this table all board cards come in 2 rows and the pot is split between winners of the combinations with top and bottom rows.

Freeroll Rebuy

Freeroll variant when the first entry is free but players can rebuy during rebuy period.

Progressive Bounty Option

A version of the Bounty Tournaments, where with every player you eliminate, your own bounty gets increased.

Bounty Tournaments

Tournaments that award bounty bonus per each player you kick out. Even if you don’t finish in the money, you can still earn from the players you eliminated.

Rebuy Tournaments

Variant of tournaments where player can buy another amount of starting chips if they loose their chips within the first hour.

Poker Lobby Features

Customizable Skinning

Agent/Affiliates can have their own skin where lobby and table graphic would be skin specific though the players from different skins can play against each other.

Document Verification

Option to upload personal documents to get verified by the admin. We can make this step mandatory for Withdrawals/Deposits.

Integrated Payment Gateways

Our game has been already integrated to some popular payment gateways such as Skrilll, Neteller, Ukash, PayUMoney, CashFree, etc.
However recently we are getting a lot of Crypto Payment gateway integrations so we already have 4 different crypto payment providers integrated.

Popup notification on Login

Advertise a tournament or a promotion by a scheduled popup that pops upon player login.

2 Banner Placements

2 JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML… Banners can be placed in a lobby by placing their URL in the BO dashboard. Our system also supports an action on a banner click like opening Cashier, a tournament info popup, or an external URL. Placing several banners on a same banner space is possible and then they will rotate indefinitely.

Poker Table Features

Auto Reload chips

Auto reload chips on a ring table, whenever your stack falls under X amount.

Time Bank

Time Bank that you can use once you run out of your regular time or once you disconnect, It grows while you play, up to 15 seconds.

Auto Rebuy/Addon

Option to automatically rebuy on tournaments or to automatically buy addon when it comes to that.

Smart Add Chips

Option to add chips on a ring table only when you are not engaged in the hand (when you don’t have cards).

Hand Replayer

View a hand you played hand in a video hand replayer, play, stop, rew or fwd at any point of the hand.

Player Chat

Chat with other players during the hand, but not during an All In situation.
Aside from regular chat we have options to use animated emojis as well as pressing predefined options like “Nice hand”, “Good bluff” etc, which have male and female voice over.

Show/Muck Cards

You can decide whether to show or muck a winning hand, in case you won without showdown, or to auto-muck.

Customisable Sounds

Player can select which types of sound notifications he want to hear.

Customisable Table Design

Players can choose to view table in racetrack or oval perspective, choose from multiple designs of table, background, front and back sides of the deck.
On top of that we developed a few seasonal/holiday themes which can be switched on/off with a click of a button. Meaning player can dress up whole application (both lobby and tables) to Christmas style theme, with a single click.

Run 2 Times table only

Despite the global settings of your Run 2 Times option, you can select it per table to on/off.

All-in Confirmation

Option to have additional step in confirming the All-in move, in case you are afraid you might hit it accidentaly.

Auto-Tile Tables

This option is used only on Windows PC and MAC applications as Instant Play, iOS and Android versions are presenting only one table at the time.

Hand Strength Info

Players can see their current hand strenght. It is usefull for multi tabling, as you can quickly scan you hand strenght on a table.

Player Notes

You can write notes about an opponent so that you can remind yourself about something specific you noticed about that player. Or just assign him a color.

Multi Table Play

Players can play multiple tables or tournaments at the same time on any of our applications or the browser version.

Anonymous Tables

On this table, any player can play but their usernames will be hidden. They temporary screen names would be Player1…Player10.


Not all the features above are available on all devices but by the time you read this, the missing features would probably be added to all the apps.

Back Office Features

Point of View

Day to day analysis and stats are visible from the point of view of any sub hierarchy member in the structure.

Mobile friendly BO

Back office accessible from smartphones and other mobile devices.

Dynamic Rake Settings

Rake can be auto adjusted based on how many players are currently playing on the table and can be different based on blind levels.

Revenue per player

Rake and expenses per player, in any given date range.

Skin Point of View

Option to create a Skin Admin that only sees players and reports under that Skin.

Adjustable Admin Roles

Main Admin can make Back Office users with limited access, that can or can’t perform certain actions.

Automated Chip-dumping Surveillance

We developed a tool that can inform admin, in real time, via email every time a chipdumping happens.

Anti Collusion Feature 1

List of players that are suspects for collusing can be created, and then those players ( 2 or more ) can’t ever sit together on the same table.

Anti Collusion Feature 2

If you enter 2 or more players in this tool, you will see the % of the hands they played together vs all hands and spot an unusuall %.

Tournament Restrictions

We have over 5 different tournament entry restrictions. We can limit player registration per rake they made, min deposit, skin, affiliate, tournament token…

Private Tables/Tournaments

Password protected entries tournaments and tables or the option to add a list of players that can enter.

Customizable Time Periods

You can set how much time players will have to think on fast/normal tables, how much Time Bank they get, how much is table waiting for player to rebuy, etc.

Configurable Blind Schedule

You can set the blind schedule for tournaments. You can edit blind levels as well the blind increase periods.

Hand History

You can see a very detailed transcript of each hand along with the players chat (if any).
On top of that, in the list of hands you can see which player played from which device.

Multiple Currency

Our system supports option that you can have tables in different currencies and that a player can have a couple of balances.
Note that player with 0 BTC on his account can’t have BTC tables but if he has some ETH he can join ETH tables.

Finance Features

Player to Player transfer

Adjustable daily, weekly amount that player can transfer to another player.

Rakeback Feature

Rakeback given to players on weekly basis, based on how much rake they made, they can get different % of rakeback.

First Deposit Bonus

Player can get a bonus when he deposits for the first time. Bonus is adjustable as well as clearing of bonus with points.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Player can get a bonus when he refers a friend. The new player needs to deposit at least X, and once he does that, he would need to make Y rake to get the bonus. The player that invited him would also have to make Z rake, in order to get the bonus himself.

Player Points

Player can gain points while playing real money games and the points can be used for unlocking bonuses or even getting a physical prizes.

Poker Network System

Multiple poker skins can share tables on the Network. The only requirement is that they all use same currency on the tables. However, each skin can have some private tables if needed. Or even, a table can be shared by some and not all skins.

Game Client

Browser based / Instant Play (HTML5)

We also have a Browser version created in HTML5 / Angular.js which can be played from ANY device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) regardless of the OS. Also it doesn’t require any installation as it is played from the Browser. It works also on touch-screen devices.

Windows app

Our Poker Game is playable through a desktop installation version.

Android app

Native Android App

iOS app

Native iOS mobile and tablet App

MAC app

Native MAC OS desktop installable app, in dmg format.

Recently added features

  • Emoticons and Predefined chat – We added animated emojis with sound, and option that player can click a button with predefined text like “Nice hand” etc, where the predefined text comes with voice over sound. It is possible to add custom emojis and voices in your own language. IMPORTANT: this feature is not included in the standard setup fee and it cost additional $1,000 to be added. Also the income created when player unlocks or use the emoticons that are set as “not free” is not under same revenue share deal and it is negotiated separately.
  • Unique Device ID acquisition – our apps, including the browser version, are reporting a unique device ID which allows tracking multiple player account being used from the same device. It also allows for blacklisting a device.
  • Rabbit hunting – option to see the cards that would have been dealt if you called.
  • Rake reports for each player are now broken down by devices so you can see which app a specific player rakes the most, from.
  • Bot detection tool. We can’t tell much about how it works, but catching a poker bot is even nicer then just trying to block them.
  • Multiple rake themes. Same game, same stake, can now have different rake structure.
  • New games added: PLO6 (Omaha with 6 cards), 2-7 triple draw, Badugi, Badeucey, 5 Card Draw, Raz.
  • New game variants: Hi-Lo, CAP games,  Dealer bounty, Double board, Mix Tables (combination of different games that are in rotation each X hands), Short Deck (option to exclude any 4 cards/numbers from the deck and make a custom game).
  • 6 o’clock seating now added to all the apps (Windows, Android, iOS, MAC and HTML5)
  • Mix Ring Game creator tool. You can add multiple games to a ring mix table, and set that the new game changes each X hands. Games in the mix can have different blinds too.
  • Real time Portrait to Landscape poker table rotation. On our Mobile poker apps for Android and iOS, you can rotate screen in the middle of the hand and keep playing in a totally different layout. Lobby is also offered in both Landscape and Portrait orientation.
  • Login history searchable by IP and Device ID. Reporting of players using same IP.
  • Straddle added, to ring tables along with Ante setting
  • Self exclusion. Players can self exclude from playing poker for, say, week or month.
  • Our poker software is now in compliance with the Curacao Gaming License requirements.
  • Color notes added to the standard player notes. Player notes are stored on the server, so once you put a note on a player, it will be accessible to you even if you login from a different device.
  • Lobby chat – mass chat where all players can chat among each other but also with admin. Optionally, it can be one way, where only admin can send messages to the lobby chat. Admin message is displayed in a different color for security reasons.
  • First buy in free – a Freeroll variant when the first entry is free but players can rebuy during the rebuy period, and get an Add-on later.
  • Re-entry tournaments. You can lose, and come back even after a few minutes, as long as the Late Registration period isn’t over. When you come back, you will take a random place.
  • Run two times  on cash games – if two (or three, depending on your preference) players are all in in a hand and they both have this option enabled the remaining cards will be dealt twice, while each of the board version will be worth half of the pot.
  • Waiting list – players can register to the ring table waiting list where they will be automatically seated once the seat is available
  • Multiple table and cards designs, that players can chose from. Players can also choose bigger or smaller cards, depending on their.
  • Fully developed API – for easy connecting with existing Casino or Sports Betting platform.
  • Automatic Chip-dumping detection tool – system that reports most of the chip dumping sessions and hands on the ring tables.
  • Option to prevent a group of players from playing on the same table. Helps against the collusion.
  • Per device reports – you can see how much income came from a specific app (Android, iOS, MAC, Windows or HTML5).

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