Jackpot Rules

Jackpot Rules

Jackpot in poker allows players to compete for a high prize, as it accumulates over time. Most common Jackpot type in online poker is “Bad Beat Jackpot” , which is triggered when a player loses a hand with a strong card combination, offering a prize instead of losing big during a hand. To be able to qualify for any Jackpot, the player needs to include both of his ‘hole’ cards for the winning combination. Also- to be able to qualify for the JP, players must reach “Showdown” phase (2 or more players reveal their cards at the end of the hand) (Example: for Four of a kind you need to include both of your cards in hand to form the Four of a kind combination, meaning the for 2,2,2,2 you need to have two 2s in hand to be able to qualify for it).

This “Hand strength” which qualifies for the Jackpot (JP) is determined in the system during Jackpot setup (Example: minimum hand strength needed to trigger the JP is any Four of a kind combination – in case you have Four of a kind and another player has Straight Flush, you lose the hand but will trigger the Jackpot).

The Jackpot Prize pool accumulation is determined by the “Jackpot Rake” setting. This is similar to Rake deduction from any cash poker hand, except the Jackpot Rake is for awarding prizes to the players participating in it. Any table can be added or excluded from the JP accumulation, as per settings made in the system. This JP Prize Pool can be set to award a certain % of the current JP Prize pool, for the players participating in it in the following manner:

-Awarding a certain % of the JP prize pool for the player who lost the hand (Bad Beat prize). This is a mandatory setting as the JP wouldn’t have been awarded otherwise.

-Awarding % for the player who won the hand (Winner Prize – who made the Bad Beat possible) in which the JP was triggered. This is a mandatory setting as the JP wouldn’t have been awarded otherwise.

-Awarding a certain % to be shared among other players who played at the same table on which the JP was triggered (Consolation Prize). This is an optional setting.

-Awarding a certain % to be shared among other players who played at other tables assigned for the same JP (Change Prize – players who participated in JP Prize pool accumulation; this affects only players playing at other tables when JP was triggered, players who accumulated the JP previously, but are offline when JP is triggered will not be awarded. This is an optional setting.

-Awarding a certain % to the platform, so called “House Fee”. This is an optional setting.

-Total % which can be set for the awards (sum of all % assigned for the prizes above) cannot be higher than 100%.

-Any percentage left-over (when all prizes above are summed up) is calculated for the next Bad beat JP sequence; in case there is no left-over %, there will be no initial amount for the next JP sequence (Example: BB prize 50%, Winner prize 20%, Consolation Prize 10%, Change Prize 5%, House Fee 5%—–> SUM= 90%, meaning that the rest 10% is transferred to the next Bad Beat prize, as an initial amount)

NOTE: JP prize pool accumulation will start only when 3 or more players are participating in hand, and on a table assigned to a certain JP. JP details and prize pool are displayed when clicking on the JP icon next to that table’s name in the Main lobby; additionally- the current Prize pool amount is displayed on the table during gameplay (if that table is assigned to any JP).

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