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Types of Poker Games – Complete Guide

The Main Types of Poker by Game Variations

Draw Games

draw poker game
During draw games players must be allowed to sell or draw cards to obtain the best hands available. The most popular draw game is 5-card drawing and 6-card drawing. In both versions card draw, players are dealt 5 or 7 cards and then can take up to three cards, or change 3 to the dealer to take a new 3 or five card hand.

Stud Games

stud poker game
Stud games vary in that you cannot swap any card in any of these games. A Stud game is more difficult if you don’t understand poker well because there are not as many decisions to make. Whenever a game is dealt a person is only asked whether to fold and play.
Unlike card draw games, in community card games, there’s essentially no need for strategic strategies when selecting cards and putting them into trading. It is significantly less difficult for poker games to learn than when requiring more options. In community cards games the community card itself has two different forms.

One of America’s most popular poker games (aka Community Card Poker)

community card poker game
Getting lucky enough to attend World Series of Poker at Turning Stone Casino is a great chance to watch the best poker players play the most famous poker style in America. During Texas Hold’em, two players face down receive two cards. Here, four get face down get four cards and bets on one player will be placed in four rounds and players may fold. The dealer then distributes three community cards facing down.

A different type of poker game to mix things up

mixed poker games
High Low Chicago, or simply High Chicago or Low Chicago, is a take on the famous Seven Card Stud game. Players receive seven cards with the aim of winning the best hand of five card hand six-card hand. What is unique with this game is it allows players a choice whether they try for higher or lower hands. In High Chicago, you want a perfect hand using each of the six cards. Low Chicago means you bet on a best hand of eight or fewer hands.

The foundation of many poker variations where the best poker hand wins

popular poker game variants
Stud poker is commonly known as Five Card Stud. The game is also the foundation of many other popular poker variants. In a number of bet rounds a player has the choice of a face-up one card show or facedown five card show. In each round the player with the highest ranked card has the option to place bets on the other players. The best hands win the pot.

Additional Types of Poker by Scoring Variations

scoring poker games variantions

High hand

The pot goes to the player with the highest-ranking high hand, in High Hand poker, which is the most prevalent variant. The high hand rankings in this third card game adhere to the standard rules found in popular variations like Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Low Hand

In poker variations such hole cards such as Razz or 2-7 Triple Draw, half the pot goes to the player with the lowest hand. Hand rankings are completely different in these games, hole cards with straights and flushes typically disregarded. This means that a hand like Ace-2-3-4-5, also known as the “wheel,” becomes the most powerful hand.

Hi/Lo Split

In combination of these three scoring modes, the game play focuses on splitting the money among the players with the best hand and the players with a poor or low hand wins. Betting variants of Poker games play also differ depending on the betting strategy you choose to place on. The structure for the games varies in various modes of play.


Prior to being dealt at the start of each hand, all players are required to make antes, which are mandatory bets. These antes serve the purpose of maintaining a constant fund in the pot and encouraging more active participation remaining players. In certain games, such as Seven-Card Stud or Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo, they are commonly used alongside blinds – obligatory bets made by specific when players are dealt.

Pot limit

Pot Limit involves a unique betting system that lets players wager when dealt or increase their bets up to the present pot size. The maximum bet is set by the current pot value, enabling larger bets and potentially resulting in substantial pots as the game unfolds. Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), a well-liked variation of the game, employs this particular betting framework.

Top Poker Game Types

top poker game types

Texas Hold’em

An old classic, the ideal starting point for a newcomer. It happens at the following levels: Bets are placed at every step of the player calling, raising, or folding a card to check their best five card hand. The objective: to get a five-card poker hand out of 7 available. Sometimes a group of people leave to reveal the one with best five card hand has enough to win (in a show-down). The best hand wins. Some times everyone except a few players folds away, leaving them with their pots.

Omaha High

The Omaha Hold’em is a game of card in which players are given four cards that must be dealt with a maximum of 3 face down cards, or 5 of up to three face up cards each.

High Low Chicago

Low Chicago tweaks the formula in seven cards Stud to give the game a higher or lower hand. Alternatively, two winning parties may split the pot. When dealt, players that had the lowest and highest spades win half of the pot. Those who have good hands will have more money. The only exception is the player with the best and lowest spade, and the most good hand walks out with the tally. Every player begins by holding the same cards with one facing down. The player who possesses three community cards and the lowest card is given an introduction by making the bet before the games starts. Bet is placed on the player’s choice of call, raising or folding.

Seven Card Stud

Sevencard Stud poker was one of the most common poker forms until Texas Holdem came to market in the early 2000s. Originally Holdem dominated stud in the 1970’s and became popular as the main poker events in poker use Texas Holdem as a strategy. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, stud dominated 7 cards. but seven card Stud is essentially a game with an extremely difficult strategy. Like Texas Holdem or Omaha, there are none of those five community cards in seven-card Stud except one rare case.


Operating as a lowball variant, Razz aims to achieve the lowest hand conceivable. This game strictly follows the Ace-to-Five lowball poker hand rankings, where the coveted pinnacle is an A-2-3-4-5 arrangement aptly referred to as the “wheel.” Razz typically dealt with a limit format during the first round of gameplay.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

Triple drawing is another game in which the goal is having the lowest-rank hand. It’s usually a crazy game filled full of excitement, but is fairly easy to learn, and the strategy involved is very minimal. It’s an enjoyable and interesting way to test out new stuff.


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What is the most popular type of poker?

Texas Hold’em is the most commonly played poker variant played in the U.S. Texas Hold’em is a version that plays in World Series Poker. It is started when face up, a player receives two cards, and final round progresses as a fifth card is face up and thrown onto a table.

Are there different kinds of poker?

Mixed poker games have varying kinds wild cards. The earliest Mixed games variant is Horse Poker which mixes Texas Hold Em, Omaha High Low, Zrazz, 7 card stud or 8 card stud.

How many types of poker are there in total?

Poker has four main categories community cards: Poker Draws, Stud Games, Community Games and a category of games including creative games hole cards that do not belong within any category. Below are some commonly played poker games: Texas Hold’em. Five cards.

What is the simplest poker game?

5-point card draw.

What is white label poker solution?

White labels on poker software mean a brand that uses your company name and the owner owns its software. White Label partnership usually means a product will develop and then be purchased by one firm.

What is the most honest online poker site?

American Cardroom is a popular online gaming site that has community card games and offers free online casino and real-money poker games. The most popular poker websites have many important characteristics such as a quality poker website. Poker games and table games.

Can you set up your own cards for a private poker game online?

This function can be found at ePoker, the most popular platform in existence. How does one build a private poker room easy?

Is there an app to play poker with friends?

EasyPoker is the best option for players who are looking for the best poker experience without the need for equipment. It will help you keep your poker chips safe and secure by keeping a digital copy on your mobile device.

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